Live technical webinars designed to boost your PolyWorks skills.

Our technical support team strives to share their know-how with the user community and to demonstrate the applicability of the outstanding PolyWorks toolbox. To meet this objective, we prepare short 15- to 30-minute webinars that are held eight to 10 times a year. Webinars are an ideal way to introduce new major functionalities and demonstrate the use and benefits of existing tools. Following the live webinar event, the webinar recordings are posted on our website and YouTube channel so that you can view them at any time. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Archived Webinars

Title Subject Release date
Accelerate CNC Measurement Sequence Preparation by Mirroring Steps PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-04-14
Prepare Flexible Parts for Inspection PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Use Polygonal Model Curvature for Surface Modeling PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Measure Rounds and Fillets with Profile Gauges PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Prepare an Inspection Sequence Offline for CNC CMMs PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Cope with Large Deviations Using Feature Extraction Groups PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Improve Data Color Map Display with Texture Mapping PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Prepare Inspection Projects using Offline Simulation PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Customizing Measurement Sequences for Piece inspection PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Expand your reverse-engineering toolbox using PolyWorks|Inspector™ PolyWorks|Modeler™ 2017-03-27
Leverage the use of multiple coordinate systems in inspection projects PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2017-03-27
Combine Datasets using Flexible Polygonal Merging PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Reconstruct CAD Model Surfaces Locally PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Use Samples to Produce SPC Control Charts PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Simulate inspection fixtures virtually PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Perform feature-based inspection in 2D PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Obtain high-quality features with scanning guidance PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Repair Edges on Digitized Polygonal Models PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Measure the Clearance Between Assembly Components PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Manufacture from Polygonal models PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Improve Repeatability with Measurement Points for Feature Probing PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Non-prismatic Surface Feature Probing PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Define GD&T controls including Datum Targets PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Add Dimensions to Reverse Engineered Sketches while Preserving an Optimal Fit to the Digitized Model PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Efficiently Add, Configure, and Review Geometry Controls for All Measurement Objects PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Transform Laser Scanning with Real Time Quality Meshing PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Inspect Thin Part Boundaries Using Trimmed Edge Comparison Points PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Measure Thickness Quickly and Accurately Using the Redesigned Thickness Tool PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Conduct Statistical Analysis on the Surface Data PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Speed Up Distance Measurements Using Caliper Gauges PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Get Better Surface Models by Tuning NURBS Patches PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Inspect Parts and Fixtures with Build/Inspect PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Enhance Play Inspection by Adding Guidance PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Measure Bent Tubes with IMTube for PolyWorks|Inspector™ PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Maximize the Data Quality from your Laser Line Scanner with PolyWorks PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Simplifying the Inspection of Mirrored Parts PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Discover the Enhancements to the GD&T Capabilities of IMInspect PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Introducing a New Feature Type | The Slab PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Slash Sketch Creation Time with PolyWorks Version 12.1 PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Simplifying Tasks Using Macro Scripts PolyWorks 2017-03-27
Using Surface CAD Models for Inspection PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Using N-Sided NURBS Patches for Surfacing PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Customizing Reports Using EZLayout PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Sketch Outlines PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Import Point Clouds, Polygonal Models, and CAD Models PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Reviewing Measurements Using an Object Navigator PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Curve-Based Feature Extraction Webinar PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Sketch Entities from Outlines PolyWorks|Modeler 2017-03-27
Automate Inspection of Multiple Pieces Using the Play Inspection PolyWorks|Inspector 2017-03-27
Customizing the PolyWorks Graphical User Interface PolyWorks 2017-03-27