Avoid Costly CNC CMM Equipment Damage


An important consideration when creating efficient CNC CMM measurement sequences is defining collision-free measurement paths. With PolyWorks|Inspector™, you can easily avoid costly equipment damage by detecting and fixing potential collisions between the moving parts of a CNC CMM, the measured part, and its fixture when creating or editing a measurement sequence.

In just 15 minutes, you will discover how to:

  • Leverage your CAD model with the real-time collision detection tool to identify problematic CNC probing paths, either online or offline.
  • Navigate along the measurement path to view and analyze potential collision risks.
  • Use powerful sequence fixers to intelligently correct issues detected in the Sequence Editor.
  • Reliably use a scanned polygonal model of your fixture, or of any obstacle in the area of the part, to maintain the accuracy of the collision detection even when the CAD models of the fixture are unavailable.


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