September 27, 2016

IMFlash - September 2016

After recharging our batteries over the summer vacation, we are back to work, developing and releasing useful new functionalities in our monthly intermediate releases.

In this issue of IMFlash, get a preview of the new PolyWorks® tools to be released this Fall, and read all about PolyWorks Türkiye, InnovMetric’s new joint venture created with local business partners. We also have a full calendar of activities taking place around the world, so check out our upcoming webinars and events, then mark your calendar!

A few highlights from this Fall’s PolyWorks® 2016 intermediate releases

PolyWorks 2016 IR4 has recently been released. We hope that you enjoy the new interactive view selector in the lower-left corner of the 3D Scene that provides an instant access to isometric views (see Figure 1). Here are other significant functionalities that you’ll be able to profit from shortly.

Figure 1: Interactive view selector located in the lower-left corner of the 3D Scene

Improved CNC Probe feature measurement methods

Since the release of PolyWorks 2016 IR4, you can insert a Go to Position point within a CNC feature measurement routine. Go to Position points, embedded within features, allow you to modify the trajectory of a measurement tool to avoid potential collisions with the part or a fixture (as shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2: Go to Position point 2 has been inserted to avoid colliding
with a holding fixture while measuring the top plane

Moreover, we’re pleased to let you know that the CNC Probe automatic feature measurement methods now support trimmed cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Enhanced meshing performance in PolyWorks|Inspector™

The mesh finalization operation that converts a real-time mesh into a polygonal model in PolyWorks|Inspector consists of three steps: mesh stitching at high resolution, mesh smoothing, and mesh reduction. Since the mesh is stitched at the highest resolution in this process, polygonal models processed by the smoothing and reduction algorithms can contain hundreds of millions of triangles, which can lead to significant computing time when finalizing a mesh.

To improve the performance of the PolyWorks|Inspector mesh finalization process, we are proud to announce that we will soon release the second generation of our meshing technology, that will add an innovative high performance prereduction method to the meshing process in order to reduce the number of triangles of the stitched model by a factor of 3 to 5 prior to smoothing and reducing it (see Figure 3). The improved meshing process should significantly speed up mesh finalization, thereby allowing you to mesh larger projects in less time.

Figure 3: Polygonal model before and after applying the new prereduction method

Surface Profile with asymmetrical tolerance bands

During the summer, we started rewriting our algorithm that best-fits a set of data points within a tolerance band in order to optimize its performance for large point clouds and improve its convergence. Once the development of the enhanced algorithm is completed, we will use it in our GD&T engine to allow you to apply asymmetrical tolerance bands (U modifier) to Surface Profiles.

Project saving in PolyWorks|Viewer™

The PolyWorks|Viewer product will soon offer you the possibility of saving edited PolyWorks|Inspector projects. This new functionality will allow you to create new inspection reports or modify existing ones, and save these reports for future use.

In addition to these new functionalities, we are working on several new plug-ins for portable metrology instruments, integrating additional CMM-based laser scanners into our CNC CMM plug-in, as well as preparing a few more surprises, just in time for the Holiday season... Stay in touch and keep renewing your annual support and maintenance contracts to have access to great functional enhancements and bug fixes all year long.

InnovMetric and Business Partners Launch PolyWorks Türkiye

“The automotive industry has a strong foothold in Turkey’s economy, with the presence of thirteen global car manufacturers who export nearly $20 billion worth of motor vehicles and components yearly. InnovMetric already has a base of PolyWorks users in these production plants, and the next strategic step is to reinforce our presence in the region to fully take advantage of this growing industry,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric.

To achieve this goal, InnovMetric Software Inc. has decided to form a joint venture with its Turkish partners, Dr. Ayduygu Sevinç (Ph.D.) and Gökhan Odabaşı, who combine an excellent knowledge of the local manufacturing industries with a solid expertise in 3D metrology.

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InnovMetric Event, October 6, 2016,
Courtyard by Marriott Aéroport de Mtl, Montreal, Quebec, CA

PolyWorks Europa Event, October 18 to 20, 2016
SIANE 2016
Parc des Expositions de Toulouse, Toulouse, FR

InnovMetric Event, November 16 to 18, 2016
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

PolyWorks Thaïland Event,November 23 to 26, 2016
BITEC, Bangna, Bangkok, TH