IMFlash - July 2015

July 3, 2015

IMFlash - July 2015

PolyWorks® 2015 IR2 Now Shipping!

Since the mid-April release of PolyWorks 2015, the response of the PolyWorks user community has been very positive. Customers are very enthusiastic about the new feature scanning guidance technology that improves the repeatability of measurements taken by their laser scanner operators. They also appreciate the significant productivity enhancements delivered by the useful extensions to the software’s functionalities.

We are now pleased to announce that PolyWorks 2015 IR2 has been released in June. DVDs will soon be shipped to existing customers who prefer this format. From now on, we will also ship PolyWorks 2015 IR2 to all customers who purchase new licenses. PolyWorks 2015 IR2 is a significant release for our international customers, as the new interface items and messages have been translated into eight languages. In addition, we have improved key PolyWorks 2015 functionalities:

  • The feature scanning guidance technology can now handle trimmed cones, cylinders, and spheres as well as planes composed of two disconnected areas.
  • The Feature Navigator has been enhanced to better manage cross-section features.
  • The Angle cross-section feature display has been improved.
  • The Play Inspection tool now supports the PolyWorks 2015 target-based device position alignment enhancements.

Guidance graphics for trimmed cylinder

Improved Angle cross-section feature display

Stay tuned and look for additional PolyWorks 2015 enhancements in our monthly intermediate releases!

Launching PolyWorks 2015

The 2015 edition of the PolyWorks annual series of conferences, which took place in the USA, Thailand, India and China, as well as in Germany through our partner Duwe3d-AG, was an enormous success. More than 1300 attendees have gathered at these events marking the launch of PolyWorks 2015. The PolyWorks conferences are a great opportunity to learn about PolyWorks best practices and get a better understanding of how 3D metrology data can be used to optimize engineering and manufacturing processes. Through content-rich workshops, user presentations, doctor’s office sessions and the possibility of networking with 3D metrology professionals, InnovMetric has created a forum where users can learn from each other. 
At InnovMetric, we are proud of PolyWorks’ powerful impact on the metrology processes of our clients, and we thank all participants for their enthusiastic presence during these events. To learn more about this year’s PolyWorks Conference USA and PolyWorks 2015’s new guidance and productivity-enhancing functionalities, view Marc Soucy’s launch presentation.
We look forward to meeting you at our next events!