To recapture the event’s key moments, simply scroll down to view the PolyWorks 2017 launch presentation
as well as User Presentations and Workshops.

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We hope to see you on April 4-5, 2018,
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PolyWorks 2017 Launch Presentation

Presented by:
Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric Software
Éric Roberge, Lead Product Manager at InnovMetric Software
Richard Légaré, Product Manager, InnovMetric Software
Martin Busque, Product Manager, InnovMetric Software

Building on User Experience Presentations


Laser Cutting at GM PPO

Presented by: Carl Graves, GM Manufacturing Engineering


Improving dimensional analysis within PolyWorks through GD&T

Presented by: Mathieu Desjardins, Tesla

View PDF presentation


PolyWorks visualization tools: Your key to simplifying advanced GD&T techniques

Presented by: Kevin Kiehl, AGCO Corporation

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Building on User Experience 

Complements the Presentations by Tesla & AGCO

Presented by: Jean-Sébastien Blais, InnovMetric Software



Implementing design changes into production tooling

Presented by: Kenny Gowen, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana

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Building on User Experience 

Complements the Presentation by Toyota

Presented by: Todd Anderson, PolyWorks USA

Workshop Presentations


Workshop 1: Introducing a new control-centric reviewing and reporting workflow  

Presented by: Roberto Barreto, InnovMetric Software



Workshop 2: Efficiently creating CNC-CMM measurement sequences using CAD models   

Presented by: Jeffrey Riggs, PolyWorks USA



Workshop 3: Using surface features for dimensional inspection tasks 

Presented by: Todd Anderson, PolyWorks USA