Computer Requirements

What are the minimum and recommended computer requirements to run PolyWorks?

Click here to consult the minimum system requirements.


I’d like to know if the PolyWorks solution is compatible with the 3D measurement hardware that I own. Where can I find this information?

To consult the list of 3D measurement hardware that interfaces with PolyWorks solutions, please click here.

Which CAD file formats do the PolyWorks solutions support?

Click here to consult the CAD file formats supported by the PolyWorks|Inspector solution.

Click here to consult the CAD file formats supported by the PolyWorks|Modeler solution.


How do I renew my support/maintenance contract?

Please contact us at renewals@innovmetric.com.

I just purchased a PolyWorks solution, how long will I receive support?

A new PolyWorks license includes one year of support/maintenance. The support/maintenance package gives access to new major PolyWorks releases, monthly intermediate releases (software enhancements, bug fixes, and plug-in updates), assistance from our technical support team by e-mail and telephone, and access to the Technical Support Zone.

I am trying to access the Technical Support Zone (TSZ) and it is not working. How can I have access?

Any individual user whose PolyWorks license is under a valid support/maintenance contract has the right to access the TSZ. To enter the TSZ, you’ll need a corporate e-mail address and a password that you will choose. If your company has specified your e-mail address at purchasing time, you should be able to enter the TSZ right away. If you cannot currently access the TSZ or wish to give access to the TSZ to additional PolyWorks users, please contact keys@innovmetric.com with your company name, dongle ID, and a list of contact names and their e-mail address.

I just renewed my support/maintenance contract, and I do not have access to the Technical Support Zone, what should I do?

Please note that the process to validate a support/maintenance contract may take a while. Try again in one hour; if you are still unable to access the Technical Support Zone, please contact us at: keys@innovmetric.com.


What kind of training sessions are offered by InnovMetric?

In North America, we offer classroom trainings and private trainings. Classroom training sessions are held on a regular basis in Quebec City, QC (Canada) and in Novi, MI (USA). Each purchase of a new PolyWorks license includes free access to classroom training for two attendees. Private training sessions are customized trainings that are typically performed at the customer’s site. Please contact your sales representative for pricing information about private trainings.

I will be attending a PolyWorks classroom training next week in Quebec City or in Novi, how do I get prepared?

For all training sessions, we send out a detailed confirmation e-mail that contains all the information on your training as well as how to get prepared for your training session.