Strengthen your knowledge of PolyWorks® Metrology Suite essentials by attending any of the 10 new PolyClinics. Given in an informal environment, each clinic consists of a 10-minute technical presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

Drop in to any PolyClinic to learn something totally new or to fine-tune what you already know!

The two PolyClinic sites each seat about 25.

Portable Metrology

Good Practices for Probing
Find out how to probe successfully the first time, every time.

Good Practices for Scanning
Learn how to successfully
scan all types of parts.

Improve Measurement Guidance
Discover how to use guidance text, images, and more to help operators perform tasks like part setup and data acquisition using multiple device positions.

Create Inspection Projects Offline
Learn how to leverage the CAD-based approach of PolyWorks|Inspector™ to prepare complete inspection projects that are readily playable.

Guide Assembly Building using a Laser Tracker
Pick up good practices for leveling assemblies and positioning their components accurately
using a laser tracker.


Leverage the CMM Prealignment
Find out how the fast and reliable CMM Prealignment can simplify adjusting the measurement sequence of a project for other types of CMM.

Create Measurement Sequences Intuitively
Learn how to dramatically reduce your CMM inspection project setup time by leveraging the CAD-based approach of PolyWorks|Inspector™.

Enhance Your Collision Detection Capabilities
Discover how to use scanned polygonal models of fixtures or other obstacles in the measurement volume to enhance collision detection, which is especially useful when the CAD models of the fixture are unavailable.


Create Freeform Surfaces
Discover how to convert a polygonal surface into a CAD-compatible surface.

Create Parametric Sketches
Learn how to use sketches to extract the geometric entities of a polygonal model and transfer them to a solid CAD modeler to create fully editable solid models.


PolyClinic schedule coming soon!