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We look forward to seeing you next year in Novi, MI, April 24-25, 2019,
for the next edition of PolyWorks Conference USA

PolyWorks 2018 Launch Presentation


Presented by:

Marc Soucy, President, InnovMetric Software
Éric Roberge, Lead Product Manager, InnovMetric Software
Richard Légaré, Product Manager, InnovMetric Software
Martin Busque, Product Manager, InnovMetric Software

Workshop Presentations


Workshop 1: Unlock the full potential of the PolyWorks®  universal3 platform

Presented by:
Jean-Sebastien Blais, Technical Expertise Coordinator, InnovMetric Software



Workshop 2: Avoid costly CNC CMM equipment damage with PolyWorks®  

Presented by:
Roberto Barreto, Application Specialist, InnovMetric Software



Augmented User Presentations


Streamlining the Launch Process with PolyWorks® 

Presented by 

Daniel Hakken
Dimensional Analyst and PolyWorks Programmer
Challenge Manufacturing

Shawn Cooper
CMM Lab Group Leader
Challenge Manufacturing

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Redefining Product Development with 3D Scanning & PolyWorks®

Presented by 

Omar El-Abed
Metrology Leader at GE Appliances
A Haier Company

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Dividing and Conquering a Large Measurement Task

Presented by 

Jeff Mass
President and Founder
Diverse Dimensions

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