PolyWorks|Inspector™ Training

Basic probing applications for CNC CMMs


This 3-day training enables metrology operators, technicians, and engineers, who have little or no PolyWorks® knowledge, to perform the inspection of their own parts using tools found in PolyWorks|Inspector™. More specifically, it covers the key concepts of a typical inspection workflow for CNC CMMs with probing capabilities.


  • Trainees are familiar with their CNC CMM and its related equipment, including performing calibrations, using components, setting operational parameters (best practices), as well as performance, maintenance, and care.
  • Trainees must have basic knowledge of metrology and be able to read engineering drawings.
  • Trainees must have basic computer skills (Windows operating systems).


  • Create tools, reference spheres, and tool changers; specify tool changer ports.
  • Create and calibrate tool orientations, locate reference spheres and tool changers.
  • Prealign the part to the CAD model using the CMM Prealignment or a Surface Points alignment. Refine the alignment using the Feature-Based, Best-Fit Measurement Objects, and Datum Reference Frame alignments.
  • Perform the automated measurement of features, surfaces, and comparison points using the CNC Probe measurement method.
  • Create measurement objects; set controls and tolerances.
  • Review, report, and share inspection results using control views, snapshots, tables, and formatted reports.
  • Inspect multiple pieces, without programming, using piece templates and measurement sequences.
  • Fully prepare an inspection project and its measurement sequence, without being physically connected to a device, using the Offline Simulation mode.

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