PolyWorks|Inspector™ Training

Planning and executing CAD-based inspections using CNC CMMs



The objective of this 3-day training is to allow metrology operators, technicians, and engineers, who are already familiar with the PolyWorks Metrology Suite through the use of portable metrology devices, to perform 3D inspections using CNC CMMs and tools found in PolyWorks|Inspector™. More specifically, it aims at creating measurement plans and executing measurement sequences with CNC CMMs.


  • Trainees are familiar with their CNC CMM and its related equipment, including calibration, component usage and operational parameters (best practices), performance, as well as maintenance and care.
  • Trainees must have successfully completed a basic training for portable metrology or have experience operating a portable metrology device with PolyWorks|Inspector.
  • Trainees must have basic knowledge of metrology and be able to read engineering drawings.
  • Trainees must have basic computer skills on Windows operating systems..


  • Create and edit a machine configuration
  • Define a measurement plan and create a measurement sequence to perform the automated measurement of a part, online and offline
  • Measure surface deviations and control part dimensions by CNC probing
  • Measure surface deviations and control part dimensions by CNC scanning (if applicable)
  • Align measured part to the CAD model
  • Review, report, and share inspection results
  • Inspect multiple pieces

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