PolyWorks|Modeler™ Training

Basic polygonal editing, parametric sketching, and NURBS surfacing


This 3-day training enables metrology operators, technicians, engineers, and designers, who have little or no PolyWorks® knowledge, to reverse engineer their own parts using the tools found in PolyWorks|Modeler™. More specifically, it covers the key concepts of basic polygonal model editing, parametric sketching, and NURBS surfacing.


  • Trainees must have basic knowledge of metrology.
  • Trainees must have basic computer skills (Windows operating systems).


  • Create a high-quality polygonal model by using the real-time quality meshing technology.
  • Edit the polygonal model for repair and/or reshaping purposes.
  • Model prismatic shapes, using sketching tools, for parametric and associative downstream modeling.
  • Model freeform shapes, using NURBS surfacing tools, for downstream modeling.

To download the complete training description: click here.

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