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Probing++ Package

  • Single-point measuring device support for portable metrology: All available plug-ins for articulated arms, optically-tracked probes, laser trackers, manual CMMs, and theodolites.
  • Single-point measuring device support for CNC CMMs: CNC CMM plug-in with direct communication with CMM controllers, plus I++ plug-in in CNC mode.
  • IGES/STEP neutral CAD file translator: IGES and STEP file import.
  • Part alignment toolset: Powerful set of data-to-CAD alignment techniques that include constrained surface and cross-sectional best-fits, best-fits within tolerance, as well as techniques based on features, reference targets, flush and gap gauges, and more.
  • Dimensional control toolset: Widest range of dimensional control tools on the market for a complete analysis of surface, boundary, and cross-sectional deviations, feature dimensions, flush and gap, profile radius, design feature line dimensions, thickness, clearance, and more.
  • Smart GD&T toolset: GD&T engine based on algorithms prescribed by the ASME and ISO standards, advanced Datum Reference Frame capabilities (supports datum feature patterns, composite datum features, and datum targets), material condition and datum modifiers, advanced tolerance zone capabilities (radial, slab-like, unequal bilateral, and unilateral), and more.
  • Reporting toolset: Control-centric reporting workflow that includes a Control Reviewer tool, control views, dynamic updateable tables and snapshots, automatic report generation, a Report Editor tool to customize report contents and layout, and export to PDF, Excel, Word, and HTML.
  • Simulation mode for offline project setup: Project setup without measurement hardware by simulating point cloud data and probed points, the measurement workflow, and the motion of CNC CMM components.
  • Repeatable multipiece measurement workflows: Multipiece project format, Play Inspection tool to automatically replay a measurement workflow, universal Sequence editor for CNC CMMs and portable metrology devices.
  • Statistical Process Control toolset (SPC): SPC engine that automatically computes and updates a database of multipiece statistics for object dimensions and surface deviations. Includes trend charts, statistical color maps, and related analysis tools.
  • Native CAD file translators: Optional translators used to import CAD models and their associated Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI) produced by professional CAD solutions: CATIA V6/V5, CATIA V4, NX (UG), Creo (Pro/E), Inventor, and SolidWorks.
  • Airfoil gauges: Optional comprehensive dimensional analysis solution for fan, compressor, and turbine blades.

What You Get with Your Purchase

One year of support/maintenance that includes:
  • New major PolyWorks releases launched during the year.
  • Monthly intermediate releases that include software enhancements, bug fixes, and plug-in updates.
  • Assistance from our technical support team by e-mail and telephone.
  • Access to the Technical Support Zone.