The model-based definition solution for collaborative measurement planning between your design, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams


PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ is an innovative model-based definition (MBD) solution that allows defining 3D measurement objects and their dimensions, and the setup of inspection reports and bills of characteristics, directly within your native CAD platform. Fully interoperable with PolyWorks|Inspector™, it provides a digital collaboration platform that automatically updates the MBD of inspection projects and derived stage models when changes are brought to the design geometry.


3D measurement object
and dimension definition

Define 3D measurement objects, construction geometry, and their dimensions, associative with the design geometry, reported in tooling, assembly, or datum coordinate systems, directly within your native CAD platform.

report setup

Configure report layout by tying inspected characteristics to 3D views/captures and prepare your bill of characteristics by numbering them, directly within your native CAD platform.

Perfect interoperability
with PolyWorks®

 Flawlessly import the CAD-based MBD, containing native PolyWorks|Inspector™ measurement objects, into your PolyWorks|Inspector projects.


Automatic inspection
project updates

Modify the CAD design geometry while PMI+Loop automatically updates its associative MBD and report layout, then send design changes to the 3D measurement team, so they can automatically integrate the updated MBD in their PolyWorks inspection projects.

Ideal for parametric
and stage modeling

Modify the master model geometry while PMI+Loop automatically updates its associative MBD and report layout, then let the changes be propagated automatically from its derived design models to the manufacturing stage models.

PolyWorks MBD import
within CAD platform

Directly import the PolyWorks MBD created by the 3D measurement team within your CAD platform, then let PMI+Loop automatically associate it with the design geometry.

Interested in the PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™
model-based definition solution?