The free 3D dimensional investigation solution that brings 3D measurement results in the hands of your engineering and manufacturing teams

Because they provide invaluable feedback on manufactured parts and on the performance of the manufacturing process, 3D measurement results have to be thoroughly reviewed by manufacturing specialists to make informed engineering decisions. Thanks to its dynamic navigation tools and its capability of effectively communicating dimensional analyses in 3D, InnovMetric’s free PolyWorks|Reviewer empowers your manufacturing team to investigate measurement results contextually, quickly identify and understand the source of dimensional issues, and efficiently communicate their conclusions to decision makers.


3D measurement review and geometric analysis



Thanks to a powerful contextual navigation toolbar, manufacturing specialists can review complex PolyWorks|Inspector projects effortlessly. Control views, color maps, first-article inspection reports, or multipiece statistics are literally one click away. Moreover, controlled dimensions are automatically displayed from the right point of view in 3D and expressed within the appropriate alignment and coordinate system. With PolyWorks|Reviewer, you get a really quick understanding of where dimensional issues have occurred.



PolyWorks|Reviewer enables manufacturing specialists to dig deeper into the measurement database to analyze the dimensional issues highlighted by metrology specialists. Controls can be searched, sorted, or filtered in the user-friendly Control Reviewer interface. Previously uncontrolled dimensions can be added to the project and their variations be analyzed over multiple pieces. PolyWorks|Reviewer also offers an extensive panoply of powerful visualization tools, including deviation vectors, editable color scales, and section views, that provide a significant assistance when investigating dimensional issues.




PolyWorks|Reviewer is also the ideal platform to deliver investigation results to dimensional managers in 3D. Manufacturing specialists can add new dimensional controls, create additional control views, create snapshots, tables, and reports, include all their observations and conclusions to the inspection project, and share their augmented project with key stakeholders. PolyWorks|Reviewer leverages the power of 3D analysis to ensure that your team always take informed dimensional decisions.