​PolyWorks® 2020


As part of our mission to assist you in the digital transformation of your 3D measurement processes, we have redesigned our launch presentation format to demonstrate the new features of the PolyWorks® 2020 digital ecosystem integrated within typical engineering and manufacturing processes.

Efficiently bring your final designs to production

On April 15, 9:30 AM, discover three preproduction tasks that greatly benefit from our latest innovations:

  • A metrology-aided fixture fabrication process enhanced by drift check and field check macros and mixed reality display
  • A gage R&R workflow performed within Excel using PolyWorks|ReportLoop™
  • Assembly issue resolution involving a supplier part, accelerated by new multipiece project editing capabilities

Leverage 3D measurement data to analyze and solve production issues

April 15, 11:30 AM, learn the benefits of integrating PolyWorks into your production environments:

  • Easily adapt your inspection projects to any 3D measurement device
  • Use dashboards prepared in a Web browser to rapidly review and drill down into 3D inspection results, then bring corrective actions to problems on the spot
  • Investigate and quickly solve manufacturing issues by collaboratively reviewing large inspection projects without using a file browser

Accelerate your product design and prototyping cycle

April 16, 9:00 AM, find how your product engineering teams can collaboratively define 3D measurement plans and quickly integrate design changes. You’ll see:

  • A model-based definition (MBD) solution that defines 3D measurement objects within a native CAD platform 
  • The offline definition of piece measurement templates for portable metrology and CNC CMM devices, stored within one universal inspection project
  • Powerful tools to rapidly integrate design changes into existing inspection projects