Share Metrology Results in 3D With Your Manufacturing Team!

December 14, 2017 - 11:00 am

Because 3D measurement results provide invaluable feedback on manufactured parts and on the performance of the manufacturing process, they have to be thoroughly reviewed by manufacturing specialists to make informed engineering decisions.

In this live webinar discover InnovMetric’s free PolyWorks|Viewer™, which empowers your manufacturing team with dynamic navigation tools to quickly identify and understand the source of dimensional issues within your PolyWorks® metrology projects, and lets them efficiently communicate their conclusions to decision-makers.

In just 15 minutes, learn how to:

  • Navigate measurement results and detect dimensional issues
  • Drill down within measurement results until dimensional issues are understood
  • Add your own observations to the metrology project, and share them with your colleagues

About the presenter

Joshua Pepper, Application Specialist, PolyWorks USA

Based in Dallas, Texas, Joshua brings experience in Engineering Sales, Applications Engineering and Process Improvement.  More specifically, he brings experience from 2D & 3D in-line inspection within manufacturing environments.  As an application specialist at PolyWorks USA, he has developed expertise in inspection processes and reverse-engineering while providing support and training to PolyWorks users.