Discover a New Control-centric Reviewing and Reporting Workflow


Portable metrology and CNC CMM measurement specialists often need to share large metrology projects, containing hundreds of dimensional and GD&T controls, with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. It can be a challenge to efficiently find, organize, analyze, and view groups of controls to investigate measurement results. PolyWorks|Inspector™ now offers the Control Reviewer which enables a new control-centric reviewing workflow that meets these needs and more.

In this 45-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how the Control Reviewer allows users to:

  • Access a global list of dimensional controls sorted by characteristic index, making it the ideal tool to prepare first-article inspection reports.
  • Easily split an inspection project into small and logical groups of controls called Control Views.
  • Tie individual controls to specific data alignments and coordinate systems, enabling multicontextual Control Views.
  • Search, sort, and filter controls to highlight critical results.
  • Display control views automatically in 3D with the right point of view.
  • Generate formatted reports automatically.


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