Expand your Reverse-engineering Toolbox using PolyWorks|Inspector™


When part characteristics are mostly prismatic, it can be very efficient to extract features from the scanned polygonal model and use them as building blocks to create a final CAD model in a CAD software. Whether this technique is applied to the entire part or just a particular area, it can be used in addition to the PolyWorks|Modeler™ Sketching and NURBS Surfacing tools to optimize your modeling process.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how PolyWorks|Inspector™ can be used to extract geometric features, like cylinders, planes, cones, and spheres, using a single click. Discover how you can integrate your design intent by constraining and refitting features to be parallel, perpendicular, and coaxial in order to facilitate the creation of the final CAD model in your favorite CAD software solution.