Measure Rounds and Fillets with Profile Gauges

Measuring radius variations along an edge can be done efficiently in PolyWorks|Inspector™ using profile gauges, whether you are inspecting sheet metal bending radii, rounds and fillets on machined parts, or design lines on car bodies. In addition to measuring both constant and variable fillet radii, profile gauges can also measure the step height as well as detect tangent points and theoretical sharp edge points. Profile gauges are  powerful measurement tools that meet all edge inspection requirements.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how to create a profile gauge, which includes selecting the appropriate gauge family based on the edge characteristics to be measured. You will discover how simple it is to extract or probe the measured component of profile gauges, as they are based on associated cross-section measurement objects.Finally, you will learn how to edit a profile gauge to obtain custom measurements, which truly makes this tool essential when it comes to inspecting edge radii.