Obtain High-Quality Features with Scanning Guidance


The groundbreaking innovation of PolyWorks 2014’s real-time quality meshing technology was to compute and display quality metrics that guide laser scanner operators toward delivering high-quality scanned surfaces. PolyWorks 2015 expands these scanning guidance capabilities by computing and displaying quality metrics for features that need to be extracted on scanned data. The objective of the new feature scanning guidance tool is to answer the two following questions:

  • Is there enough data to reliably fit this feature?
  • If there is not enough data, where should the operator capture additional data?

In this 30-minute webinar, our PolyWorks expert will demonstrate how PolyWorks 2015 computes the quality metrics that analyze surface, curve, and circumference coverage and triggers the display of guidance graphics that indicate where an operator should perform additional scans. Discover how the new feature scanning guidance tool improves measurement repeatability and accelerates learning, as a team of laser scanner operators will be guided to measure the same parts in similar ways.