InnovMetric Logiciels annonce le lancement du nouveau logiciel PolyWorks/Inspector Probing

InnovMetric Logiciels annonce le lancement du nouveau logiciel PolyWorks/Inspector Probing


InnovMetric Logiciels est fière d’annoncer le nouveau logiciel PolyWorks/Inspector Probing pour les utilisateurs de métrologie traditionnelle de type palpage. 

Voici le communiqué officiel :

InnovMetric Software is very pleased to announce its new PolyWorks/Inspector Probing software package for users of traditional hard probing metrology. While the full PolyWorks/Inspector package can process an unlimited number of both scanned and probed data points, the new PolyWorks/Inspector Probing (a subset of the full PolyWorks/Inspector package) is designed to handle up to 100,000 data points obtained from probing devices. This full-fledged “probing-only” package includes 3D graphics, CAD import for the IGES, STEP and STL formats, as well as free plug-ins to operate a wide range of arm-based and hand-held probing devices, photogrammetry-based devices, and laser trackers. Users of the new PolyWorks/Inspector Probing package can easily upgrade it to the full PolyWorks/Inspector package as soon as they acquire a 3D digitizer and are ready to process high-density point cloud data. 

InnovMetric has established an innovative pricing strategy for its new PolyWorks|Inspector Probing package to address the market of hard-probing metrology,’ said Marc Boulanger, Director of Worldwide Sales at InnovMetric Software. This new PolyWorks package will be licensed yearly (‘one year’ license model) at a fixed price of 3200 euros/year/license (Europe) and US$4000/year/license (Americas and ROW). The yearly license fee includes full first-line support to end-users as well as all software updates/upgrades and new versions. At the end of the ‘one year’ license period, customers simply need to renew their annual license. ‘This pricing structure will enable users to more easily and rapidly obtain budget approvals from their decision makers,’ he concluded. 

Initial ‘one year’ license free of charge on new systems 

Users that have acquired a new portable probing system will qualify for the initial “one year” license activation free of charge**. This introductory promotion is valid for activations taking place within 90 days from the date of the purchase of the portable probing system. 

The “PolyWorks|Inspector Probing” package will be released in January 2007, at the same time as the new PolyWorks Version 10.

** A nominal fee of 100 euros/license (Europe) or US$100/license (Americas and ROW) will be charged to cover shipping costs and dongle registration.


About InnovMetric Software Inc.

Founded in 1994 in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries in the United States and China and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. has devoted its first decade of business to developing software that transforms high-density 3D digitizers into true metrology instruments. These efforts have propelled PolyWorks® as the standard point cloud engineering software solution for major automotive and aeronautic OEM manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. With sales having doubled over the past two years, InnovMetric is now expanding the PolyWorks potential to new heights. 

InnovMetric now integrates a wide range of hardware measurement devices including laser scanners, arm-based & hand-held probing devices, and laser trackers within its software suite, transforming PolyWorks into a truly universal 3D metrology software platform. PolyWorks has become a global corporate solution that enables the deployment of standardized methods throughout the whole organization for comparing parts to CAD, analyzing GD&T, virtually gauging dimensions, meshing high-density point clouds, and rapidly surfacing digitized meshes. 

For increased user productivity, PolyWorks maximizes information-sharing through a free 3D viewer, allowing any individual to view inspection results, perform basic measurements, and generate reports. Those who use PolyWorks every day trust it for its robustness, its accuracy, and world-class technical support.