NDI sélectionne PolyWorks® pour les ventes mondiales de leurs systèmes ScanTRAK OPTOTRAK® PROseries

InnovMetric Logiciels est fière d'annoncer la signature d'une entente avec l'entreprise canadienne Northern Digital Inc. (NDI) concernant la distribution du logiciel PolyWorks. Selon les termes de cette entente, NDI distribuera le logiciel PolyWorks en compagnie de ses systèmes de numérisation ScanTRAK OPTOTRAK® PROseries. 

Voici le communiqué officiel, disponible en anglais seulement :

InnovMetric Software Inc. and Northern Digital Inc. (NDI) are proud to announce that they have recently entered into an agreement for the distribution of PolyWorks, InnovMetric’s Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform for Manufacturing. Under the terms of the agreement, NDI has global distribution rights to bundle the PolyWorks® software suite with its OPTOTRAK® PROseries ScanTRAK systems. 

The OPTOTRAK PROseries ScanTRAK system is a high-performance, armless and beamless hand-held laser scanner that provides the flexibility required for digitizing large parts in a fraction of the time. To guarantee higher shop-floor accuracy, NDI’s line of products also offers “dynamic referencing” technology, a unique feature that automatically compensates for movement between the part and tracker, enabling free movement of parts during data acquisition. 

The ScanTRAK system and PolyWorks software are smoothly integrated through a plug-in, which enables data acquisition and data analysis directly from the software interface, providing live results and instant feedback on the quality of the part. The NDI plug-in also enables the integration of high-density point clouds with hard-probed points obtained with the OPTOTRAK PROseries Portable CMM within the same software platform. This unique feature represents a great opportunity for actual OPTOTRAK Portable CMM users to upgrade to a “hybrid metrology” approach by adding the ScanTRAK laser scanner to their actual “probe-based” inspection processes. 

“We are very happy to be providing PolyWorks 3D software with our OPTOTRAK PROseries ScanTRAK solution,” said Mr. Paul Clausen, Vice-President of Strategic Business Development at NDI. “PolyWorks is the industry’s premier software platform for point cloud data acquisition, a definite “must-have” for any scanning solution, and this powerful tool for reverse engineering and inspection will allow our customers to tap the full potential of the ScanTRAK system.” 

By combining PolyWorks with NDI’s ScanTRAK systems as their preferred point cloud engineering solution, NDI offers a very promising and “market-ready” 3D digitizing solution to the industrial world,” said Marc Boulanger, Director of worldwide sales at InnovMetric Software Inc. “The ScanTRAK PROseries system is a strong complement to our line of supported 3D digitizers, and it reasserts PolyWorks as being the Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform in the automotive and aeronautic industries worldwide for point cloud engineering tasks. We are very proud to partner up with the NDI Team.” 


About NDI 

For a quarter century, companies have trusted NDI as the pioneer in advanced optical metrology. With offices, dealers, and thousands of measurement systems deployed worldwide, the NDI name is synonymous with providing the right solution for the right job. NDI’s new generation of portable metrology solutions has set a new benchmark for system accuracy, usability, and flexibility. If the need arises, our highly regarded customer support services will keep you up and running. As the world leader in innovative measurement technology, NDI has the knowledge and experience to provide the focused solutions and services you need.

About InnovMetric Software 

Founded in 1994 in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries in the United States and China and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. has devoted its first decade of business to developing software that transforms high-density 3D digitizers into true metrology instruments. These efforts have propelled PolyWorks® as the standard point cloud engineering software solution for major automotive and aeronautic OEM manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. 

Building on its robust point cloud foundation, InnovMetric has transformed PolyWorks into a truly universal 3D metrology software platform by integrating a wide range of hardware measurement devices, including laser scanners, arm-based and hand-held probing devices, and laser trackers. PolyWorks has become a global corporate solution that enables the corporate-wide deployment of standardized methods for comparing parts to CAD, analyzing GD&T, virtually gauging dimensions, meshing high-density point clouds, and rapidly surfacing digitized meshes. 

For increased user productivity, PolyWorks maximizes information sharing through a free 3D viewer, allowing any individual to view inspection results, perform basic measurements, and generate reports. Those who use PolyWorks every day trust it for its robustness, its accuracy, and world-class technical support.