InnovMetric Software Markets Powerful Laser Scanner Plug-ins for PolyWorks®

After several months of successful customer projects and impressive product feedback from users, partners, and distributors, InnovMetric is proud to announce the release of its breakthrough plug-in technology for the PolyWorks® total point cloud processing solution. PolyWorks plug-ins are currently available for the Faro, Minolta, and Perceptron laser scanners, as well as the CimCore and Faro contact probes. These plug-ins have been released progressively from November 2003 until February 2004, and have quickly defined the standard in laser scanner integration to point cloud software.

PolyWorks laser scanner plug-ins provide access to the most powerful point cloud solution in the market for laser scanner systems, which includes capabilities for: 

  • Real-time comparison to a CAD model while scanning (i.e. real-time color-mapping). 
  • Real-time filtering for cleaning up incoming point clouds and reducing noise. 
  • Real-time meshing for visualizing digitized shapes and quickly identifying areas that have not been digitized yet. 

In addition, InnovMetric has completely integrated probing capabilities in order to provide a fully-integrated solution to those who use laser scanners on articulated arms. PolyWorks users can probe all common geometric features and use these to align a part in the CAD coordinate system for reverse engineering in body coordinates or comparing laser scan data to a CAD surface in real time. “InnovMetric has taken great care in its probing integration to abide to the CAM2 probing philosophy for Faro users, and to the PowerInspect probing philosophy for CimCore users” said Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric. “ Any contact probe user from either of these two communities will immediately feel at home with the PolyWorks probing implementation”. 

In a parallel fashion several industry leaders are currently in the process of developing plug-ins for PolyWorks. InnovMetric will announce remarkable new tools for laser/probe systems in a few weeks.