Launch of the PolyWorks® plug-in for ROMER portable arms and G-Scan scanners from Hexagon Metrology SAS

InnovMetric Software (Quebec, Canada) announced today the launch of a new PolyWorks® plug-in enabling the integration of the PolyWorks® software with the G-Scan and R-Scan laser scanners from Hexagon Metrology SAS (Montoire, France). This plug-in is now available in PolyWorks 10.1.10 and can be downloaded, at no cost, by all PolyWorks users with a valid support/maintenance contract with InnovMetric Software. 

This new plug-in enables the combination of non-contact measurements (using high-density point clouds) with contact-based measurements (hard probes) within the same PolyWorks session. It also allows users to see, in real time, the digitized data captured by the G-Scan and R-Scan scanners, as well as the instant rendering of surface and section deviations through color maps. In addition, it enables the use of hard probes to align parts to CAD, to probe features, and to compare to CAD surfaces and boundaries. 

Users of ROMER/G-Scan/PolyWorks systems can also count on a powerful reverse-engineering solution that creates high-quality polygonal models for industrial applications such as machining, aerodynamic simulation, and rapid prototyping. Finally, users will benefit from the PolyWorks rapid-surfacing module that enables the export of digitized models to CAD software such as CATIA and UG. 

PolyWorks 10.1.10 is available in our Technical Support Zone.


About InnovMetric Software Inc. 

Founded in 1994 in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries in the United States and China and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. devotes its efforts to developing software that transforms high-density 3D digitizers into true metrology instruments. These efforts have propelled PolyWorks® as the standard point-cloud-engineering software solution for major automotive and aeronautic OEM manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. 

Building on its robust point cloud foundation, InnovMetric has transformed PolyWorks into a truly universal 3D metrology software platform by integrating a wide range of hardware measurement devices, including laser scanners, arm-based and hand-held probing devices, and laser trackers. PolyWorks has become a global corporate solution that enables the corporate-wide deployment of standardized methods for comparing parts to CAD, analyzing GD&T, virtually gauging dimensions, meshing high-density point clouds, and rapidly surfacing digitized meshes. 

For increased user productivity, PolyWorks maximizes information sharing through a free 3D viewer (PolyWorks/IMView™), allowing any individual to view inspection results, perform basic measurements, and generate reports. Those who use PolyWorks every day trust it for its robustness, its accuracy, and its world-class technical support.