New PolyWorks® training facility in Western United States

Following a strong growth of PolyWorks users in Western USA in recent years, InnovMetric Software’s business partner 3D Infotech is proud to announce the opening of a PolyWorks training facility in Irvine, California. Starting in February 2010, a team of PolyWorks Application Specialists will provide regional classroom trainings on various PolyWorks modules throughout the year to new and advanced users. 

The 3D Infotech facility will also help to increase the awareness of 3D Metrology in the aerospace industry. “The local community will have direct access to Application Specialists to analyze the integration of new metrology-based technologies within their manufacturing processes,” said Rohit Khanna, President of 3D Infotech Inc. “Our specialists will demonstrate how the PolyWorks universal software platform can manage various measurement systems at every phase of the product engineering cycle, to prevent costly mistakes early in the development cycle and accelerate time to market,” he continued. 

For more information on training classes, please contact Rohit Khanna at 949-463-3090 or


About InnovMetric Software Inc. 

Founded in 1994, in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. develops and commercializes PolyWorks ®, a hybrid 3D metrology software platform that offers the flexibility of combining high-density point cloud digitizers and tactile probing devices within the same measurement task, ensuring optimal accuracy and speed under all circumstances. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations that use PolyWorks every day trust it for its flexibility, its robustness, and top-of-the-class technical support. 

About 3D Infotech Inc 

3D Infotech, Inc. is a technology company focused on delivering innovative solutions to organizations in the Western United States. 3D Infotech is the Master Distributor of PolyWorks in the Western United States, and offers consulting which can help evaluate, implement and automate 3D scanning technologies efficiently into organizations. 3D Infotech has strong experience in rapid product development and quality control in all discrete manufacturing industries.