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Get CAD-Friendly Surface Models from Automatic Surfacing Technology

With a single click, automatically turn your 3D scans into high-quality surface models directly usable in your preferred downstream applications, including FEA and mechanical simulation, machining, and CAD design, thanks to our revolutionary surface modelling approach

  • Model a polygonal surface by automating the creation of characteristic curves and surface patches and fitting a continuous network of NURBS surfaces

  • Create editable models suitable for CAD design and simulation applications by automatically bounding surface patches with continuous curves that naturally describe the part’s characteristic

  • Produce lighter models with better fitting accuracy and patch continuity for downstream applications by automatically adapting the patch size and aspect ratio to the part’s surface curvature


Digitized polygonal model › Automatic surface model


Digitized polygonal model › Automatic surface model


Simplify your Reverse-Engineering Workflow

For even greater flexibility, the automatic surfacing technology is perfectly integrated within our intuitive curve-based surfacing workflow, letting you interactively edit the curve network to create optimal surface models


Edit the automatic surfacing results intuitively by adding, deleting, or reshaping curves, as you would do in a manual reverse-engineering workflow

Digitized polygonal model


Automatic surface model


Feature is removed and rebuilt


Curves and patches are deleted

New curves and patches are created

Edited surface model

Control the description of curves that are critical for your application, such as symmetry lines, part boundaries, and subtle feature lines, by providing predefined curves to the automatic surfacing tool


Predefined boundary and symmetry curves on a digitized model › Automatic half-surface model and its mirrored copy

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