Technical Specifications

Supported CAD Software

The PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ add-on is compatible with the following CAD platforms:

  • PTC® Creo® 5.0
  • Siemens NX™ 11, 12 (12.0.2 or later), 1847 Series, 1872 Series, 1899 Seriesa, 1926 Seriesa, and 1953 Seriesa, which all require a Siemens PMI license and the Drafting and Programming Tools add-on products from Siemens.
  • SOLIDWORKS® 2019, 2020, and 2021, which all require a SOLIDWORKS MBD license.


This Siemens NX version also requires the Siemens Model-Based Definition add-on product.