Optech to bundle the PolyWorks IMAlign module with all its ILRIS-3D sales worldwide

Optech Incorporated’s Industrial and 3D Imaging Division and InnovMetric Software Inc. announce a new product association to bundle ILRIS-3D products with the PolyWorks point cloud processing software suite. Under the terms of this agreement, Optech will bundle a license of the PolyWorks IMAlign module with each Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System (ILRIS) sale at no additional cost to the user. 

The PolyWorks IMAlign module offers powerful scan alignment capabilities to produce an aligned point cloud from multiple scans. The alignment technology is based on the geometrical shape in overlapping scan areas, eliminating the time-consuming task of using physical targets in the field, reducing significantly the time for work on site and in the office. The IMAlign module also supports the use of control points when available. 

With the ever increasing third party processing offering in today’s market, it is crucial to provide a premium alignment tool when using the scanner with the largest dynamic range on the market, ” said Brent Gelhar, VP Sales & Product Strategy. “From our experience, PolyWorks is the most effective solution to precisely align the large number of points acquired by our ILRIS-3D systems.” 

We are very proud that Optech has chosen the PolyWorks IMAlign module as their de-facto scan alignment tool for their ILRIS-3D long-range scanner sales,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric Software Inc. “Since 2000, our two companies have been working closely to provide the best point cloud processing tools to the surveying world. With this agreement, I foresee the continuation of a fruitful collaboration for the years to come.