InnovMetric Software introduces its free viewer for inspection projects

InnovMetric Software announces that it has just released PolyWorks/IMView™, a free software that enables the visualization of point-cloud-based inspection projects and polygonal models obtained with PolyWorks®. PolyWorks/IMView is a user-friendly solution that allows users to: 

  • Visualize measurement results in 3D by rotating color-mapped CAD models, zooming on color-mapped cross-sections, or reviewing soft-gages such as Flush & Gap gages. 
  • Navigate easily through inspection results using forward and backward-pointing arrows. 
  • Obtain basic interactive measurements, such as angles, distances, radii, and cross-sections. 
  • Generate their own customized inspection reports 

With PolyWorks/IMView, we want to offer to professionals in the inspection and reverse-engineering world the possibility of easily communicating their results to their colleagues, customers, and suppliers”, said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric Software. “Until today, the channels of information used to share inspection results across organizations have been rather ineffective. This very simple yet powerful tool now allows everyone in the company, from top executives to shop floor technicians, to access inspection results in 3D directly on their personal computers and to make their own analyses and reports”, he continued.