Accelerate CNC Measurement Sequence Preparation by Mirroring Steps


Preparing a CNC measurement sequence for a part involving a large number of measurement objects requires many steps, and efficiency is always a priority. When a part contains symmetrical geometries, significant time gains can be made by using PolyWorks|Inspector mirroring tools. Once the first half of a sequence has been completed, mirroring existing steps may be sufficient to complete the entire measurement sequence.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how to mirror sequence steps such as CNC measurements, tool orientation changes, and “Go to” positions. You will see how the probing and scanning paths are automatically adjusted, thereby reducing the workload. You will also discover that the operation to mirror object measurement steps can automatically find the corresponding symmetrical measurement object to use. All of these built-in timesavers let you create measurement sequences for symmetrical parts quickly and with a minimum of effort.


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