Cope with Large Deviations Using Feature Extraction Groups


Extracting feature components on parts that deviate strongly from their nominal shape, either because they are warped or too flexible, can be challenging. In fact, no alignment scenario can simultaneously put data within proximity of the related CAD surfaces at all locations on the part. The features located in a largely deviated area can be correctly extracted by placing them in a feature extraction group, after which PolyWorks automatically performs a local best-fit based on those features and then extracts their measured components.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will first demonstrate how to create a feature extraction group that will automatically extract its features. Then, you will discover how a feature extraction group selects surrounding data points to perform a local best-fit-to-CAD alignment. Finally, you will learn how to efficiently manage this powerful new tool by adding features to, or removing features from, existing extraction groups.


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