Guide Assembly Building Using Multiple Trackers


Building large structures, such as aircrafts and ships, often involves the precise positioning of subassemblies prior to definitive fastening. In order to efficiently guide operators, several laser trackers are commonly used to monitor the location of key features all at once and in real time. PolyWorks|Inspector™ lets you connect to multiple laser trackers simultaneously and display digital readouts for each.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how to predefine and configure a list of trackers to connect to on a network. Then, you will see how to register the trackers to a common reference, and how easy it is to instantaneously switch the active tracker. Finally, you will learn how to use build/inspect tools so that each tracker feeds the measured reflector position of the feature it is tracking to a digital readout, in parallel, to guide assembly building.


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