Integrate Design Changes into Production Tooling


Production tooling used for sheet metal stamping is always manually adjusted to produce quality parts. Consequently, the CAD files used for their fabrication no longer represent the actual shape of the production punches and dies. As a result, to facilitate maintenance and repair, scanned polygonal models are made from those tools. This produces challenges when small design changes, communicated with new CAD files, need to be integrated into actual production tools as quickly as possible, while maintaining stamped part quality. Fortunately, PolyWorks|Modeler™ provides the capability to combine surface information from perfect CAD models to actual scanned polygonal models.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate how to convert CAD file geometry into an accurate polygonal model and how to merge it into polygonal models of the actual production tools. From the most straightforward polygonal surface replacement to more challenging cases where morphing is required, you will discover valuable workflows and tricks to minimize production tool modification time.


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