Perform Feature-based Inspection in 2D


We live in a 3D world and the parts we produce are 3D parts. In theory, we should perform all of our part inspection tasks in 3D. In practice however, it is not always possible to inspect parts in 3D as sometimes they are too flexible or deformed (such as plastic parts and castings), making them nearly impossible to align globally in 3D to inspect their features. Also, geometry types such as fillet radius or wall thickness can be very difficult to measure in 3D. A lot of feature inspection must then be done locally in 2D along planar sections.

In this webinar, our PolyWorks expert will demonstrate how PolyWorks 2015 introduces a new user-friendly and well-integrated workflow to perform feature-based inspection in 2D. Discover how this new workflow unlocks significant productivity gains by its full compatibility with the PolyWorks automatic project update and the DirectReplay™ multiple-piece measurement technology.


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