Prepare Flexible Parts for Inspection


Flexible parts, such as large sheet metal stampings, need to be inspected in fixtures as their free-state shape generally differs from their expected nominal geometry.During the early stages of a design process, the inspection fixture might not be available even though the parts need to be inspected. It then becomes crucial to know how to properly set a part to its datum features and datum targets the way a fixture does, prior to performing an inspection with PolyWorks.

In this 15-minute webinar, our expert will demonstrate, step-by-step, a strategy to prepare a sheet metal part using a simple and adjustable holding system in combination with a laser scanner.First, you will discover how to align the part’s scan using a minimum number of reference targets.Then, you will see how additional reference target points are selected and adjusted one at the time until the sheet metal part reaches minimal deviations to its datum targets. This iterative, yet powerful, procedure will definitely help solve inspection dilemmas caused by flexible parts.


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