Prepare an Inspection Sequence Offline for CNC CMMs


As a universal 3D metrology software platform, PolyWorks® 2016 adds CNC CMMs to the list of supported devices. For inspection projects that require stationary metrology, it is now possible to probe and scan data using a CNC CMM. With such devices fully integrated into the universal PolyWorks workflow, new and seasoned users can easily start acquiring data with a CNC CMM.

In this 45-minute webinar, our expert will use the Offline Simulation mode to build a complete inspection project using the Sequence Editor.You will discover the new CNC Probe measurement method and the new CNC Scan creation method that allow you to obtain the measured components of familiar IMInspect™ measurement objects. You will also learn about measurement sequence steps reserved for CNC CMMs, including steps to make the probe head “go to” specific coordinates and to assign the most appropriate tool orientation for a given measurement.


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