Robust and Scalable Data Management for 3D Metrology

In this 30-minute webinar, discover how PolyWorks|Inspector™ users can achieve substantial daily productivity gains by using PolyWorks|DataLoop™ to: 

  1. Save their inspection projects to a centralized database where they are automatically indexed for searching and backed up. 

  2. Find their inspection projects quickly, without ever having to browse for files. They just search using keywords, such as a part name or a serial number. 

  3. Perform piece inspections simultaneously within the same inspection project. They no longer need to manage several inspection projects when multiple operators are measuring several pieces of the same part. 

  4. Share 3D measurement data and results using hyperlinks. They no longer need to share large inspection project files. 

  5. Control the access to their projects using the built-in permissions management tools to protect templates from being overwritten, or set up a restricted portal for external collaborators. 

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