Use Piece Templates to Obtain Truly Universal Inspection Projects


In a manufacturing environment, having metrology devices already in use or undergoing maintenance or calibration may create troublesome inspection bottlenecks. By creating piece templates for all your metrology devices, you gain the flexibility to perform your inspection using whichever device is available. In addition, piece templates can accommodate other inspection requirements, such as:

  • Perform an inspection on different CAD versions/revisions of a part/assembly.
  • Alternate between complete and partial inspections based on frequency or manufacturing process state.
  • Perform laser tracker-based inspections using different tools due to reflector or probe availability.

In this live webinar, you will discover how to use PolyWorks® piece templates to help you gain flexibility in your metrology processes, which simplifies the operator’s task when inspecting new pieces.

In just 15 minutes, learn how to:

  • Define a piece template from an existing piece inspection and use it to drive the inspection of new pieces.
  • Modify existing piece templates to meet changes in your requirements or inspection methodologies.


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