InnovMetric Software Announces that Five Automotive OEMs Own More than 100 PolyWorks® Licenses Each

In September 2010, InnovMetric reached a significant milestone in the deployment of its universal 3D metrology software platform, PolyWorks, in the automotive industry. Five major Japanese, American, and German automotive OEMs now daily use more than 100 software licenses each. These key customers globally own more than 1250 licenses. 

The outstanding success of PolyWorks in the automotive market is based on a strong technical and human foundation: 

  • The flexible PolyWorks toolbox enables metrology-based problem-solving techniques in tooling and assembly engineering, and delivers critical analysis tools to accelerate product development; 
  • PolyWorks is a universal platform that supports all point cloud digitizing technologies as well as major brands of contact-based portable probing devices, which helps reduce training cost, increase employee productivity, and allow the sharing of metrology projects throughout the whole organization; 
  • InnovMetric's worldwide support infrastructure, complemented by Duwe 3D AG in Germany and Tokyo Boeki Techno-System in Japan, offers unsurpassed technical support to PolyWorks end users. 

"We are extremely proud of this achievement after 12 years in the automotive market. It shows the high level of trust built, over the years, between our customers and us. With our major technical progression in terms of contact-based probing capabilities, the sales of PolyWorks in the automotive industry have significantly increased in 2010. Six other automotive OEMs and two first-tier suppliers will soon be joining the club", said Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric Software. 


About InnovMetric Software Inc. 

Founded in 1994, in Québec City, Canada, with subsidiaries and distributors worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. develops and commercializes PolyWorks®, a universal 3D metrology software platform that offers the flexibility of combining high-density point cloud digitizers and tactile probing devices within the same measurement task, ensuring optimal accuracy and speed under all circumstances. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations that use PolyWorks every day trust it for its flexibility, its robustness, and top-of-the-class technical support.