Diagnose and Prevent Manufacturing Issues with 3D Metrology Technology


Ensuring dimensional compliance — of individual parts and of the final assembly — is the difference between a productive manufacturing process and one that suffers bottlenecks, waste, rework, and ultimately cost. In this online demonstration learn how to overcome these challenges with the 3D metrology solution that combines the FARO® Quantum Max ScanArm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and the InnovMetric PolyWorks|Inspector™ 3D dimensional analysis software.   

This solution enables quality control professionals to capture every measurement of a complex part, tool, or mold by touching and scanning it, then perform complete dimensional analyses by comparing them against the CAD models to identify issues before they become problems.  

In this 45-minute webinar, you will:  

  • Learn how to improve your inspection workflows with repeatable measurement processes that optimize the accuracy and speed of 3D data capture   

  • Discover how to streamline the extraction of all required dimensions from probed and scanned data, then assess the repeatability and predictability of your manufacturing processes with multipiece statistics   

  • See our experts investigate potential fit issues between mating parts of an assembly with a virtual assembly of their true digital twins i.e., their scanned dat


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