MF Inspec signe une entente de distribution de PolyWorks® en compagnie du capteur Perceptron

MF Inspec signe une entente de distribution de PolyWorks® en compagnie du capteur Perceptron


InnovMetric Logiciels est fière d'annoncer la signature de MF Inspect, basée en Caroline du sud, États-Unis, pour la distribution du logiciel PolyWorks aux entreprises manufacturières du sud-est des États-Unis. Sous les termes de l'entente, MF Inspect distribuera PolyWorks en compagnie du scanneur Perceptron chez les manufacturiers de la Caroline du Sud, Caroline du Nord, Kentucky, Floride, Virginie de l'Ouest, Alabama, Tennessee, et l'Ohio. 

Voici le communiqué officiel : 

InnovMetric Software is proud to announce that it has recently entered into an agreement with MF Inspec Inc, from South-Carolina, USA, to distribute PolyWorks® to manufacturers in South-East USA. Under the terms of the agreement, MF Inspec will distribute InnovMetric’s PolyWorks point cloud inspection and reverse-engineering software solution – bundled with the Perceptron laser scanner - to manufacturers in South-Carolina, North-Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, West-Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Ohio. 

PolyWorks is the number one point cloud inspection software in the automotive industry worldwide, thanks to the accuracy and robustness of its inspection and measurement techniques, which include GD&T analysis and soft-gauging capabilities,” said Mr. David Hannon, Vice-President of MF Inspec. “PolyWorks now has a fully-integrated plug-in capability that allows Perceptron users to scan parts directly from the PolyWorks interface and thus perform scan alignment, near real-time part-to-CAD comparison as well as polygonal meshing, which makes it the first-class solution for inspection and reverse-engineering tasks” he continued. 

MF Inspec is the one-stop metrology solution partner of choice in the North-East USA and provides the best inspection and reverse-engineering tools to help its customers improve their manufacturing processes” said Marc Boulanger, Director of Worldwide Sales at InnovMetric. “MF Inspec is a well-known solution provider that offers excellent after sales support to the 3D digitizing community, and enjoys a solid customer base in the manufacturing industry, including automobile manufacturers and tier-one suppliers. This agreement represents an excellent opportunity for InnovMetric and MF Inspec to further increase their penetration into these strategic markets.