Accelerating root cause analysis through digital connectivity


When the quality control team of a manufacturing company flags an urgent dimensional control issue, key members of the engineering and production teams hurry to find the solution as it may lead to a halt in production. Every second counts as multiple reports are requested from the QC team as the problem is investigated from different angles, meetings are held to visualize critical elements, and analyses from experts are carefully collected and shared to find a consensual solution. You can accelerate your root cause analysis processes significantly, and shorten any downtime, by using a digital collaborative platform that provides your teams with real-time access to 3D metrology data and results to efficiently investigate and review critical production and assembly issues.

In this 30-minute webinar, discover how PolyWorks|DataLoop™ enables manufacturing companies to boost teamwork efficiency by:

  • Monitoring and analyzing 3D measurement results in real time from the centralized 3D metrology data storage
  • Investigating dimensional issues to find their root cause by drilling down within inspection projects, filtering on project and piece properties, through a Web or mobile interface
  • Collaborating with colleagues to pinpoint the problem by sharing hyperlinks to specific 3D inspection project views and using discussion threads directly within inspection projects
  • Setting up custom dashboards and SPC trend charts to monitor the success of the corrective actions

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