Hands-on training sessions to help you leverage the power of PolyWorks®

Hands-on training sessions to help you leverage the power of PolyWorks®


A ready-to-learn setting where you’ll gain practical skills that can be applied as soon as you return to work. Taught by certified PolyWorks® instructors, a classroom training session is an excellent way to receive hands-on instruction, interact with your peers, and gain the skills that matter.

  • The number of participants is limited to eight
  • Computers and training material are provided
  • The training content is standard and cannot be customized
  • All participants must bear their own travel and lodging (T&L) expenses
  • A minimum lead time of four weeks is required for registration to any session
  • Subject to approval by InnovMetric and some limitations may apply

Using your two complimentary classroom seats

Two complimentary seats to attend a Basic classroom training are included with the purchase of a new PolyWorks|InspectorTM Premium, Standard or Probing package, or a PolyWorks|ModelerTM Premium or Standard package. The following conditions apply to this special offer:

  • Each seat allows a participant to register for the Basic training session of his/her choice
  • The training session(s) must be scheduled within one year of the purchase date
  • Additional participants can register for a minimal fee

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If you need onsite basic training, or if you’d like an advanced training tailored to your specific metrology requirements (onsite or at one of our facilities), then private training is what you are looking for.

  • Offered to customers whose licenses are under a valid support/maintenance contract
  • The number of participants is limited to 4 or 6 depending on the training session
  • Participants must have their own computers when training is delivered on site
  • PolyWorks® training material is provided
  • The minimum lead time for registration is 4 weeks

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