The digital interoperability solution that integrates inspection data in Excel for reporting and advanced analysis

PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ is a free interoperability solution that allows you to inject smart 3D inspection data into Excel spreadsheets to complete your preformatted corporate reports or to analyze the performance of your 3D measurement processes.

Direct Access to Smart 3D Inspection Data

Navigate your inspection projects directly within Excel to quickly retrieve measurement results and eliminate transcription errors.

Spreadsheets linked to dynamic 3D inspection data

Link Excel spreadsheet cells to your PolyWorks|Inspector™ project and piece properties and measurement results, including controls, control views, tables, and snapshots.

Two interconnection flavors

Two interconnection flavors

Access 3D inspection data by connecting either to a live PolyWorks|Inspector session or to a PolyWorks|DataLoop™ server.

Automated spreadsheet updates

Revise the PolyWorks|Inspector project linked to your spreadsheet at any time, then let PolyWorks|ReportLoop automatically update the spreadsheet values.

Ideal for collaborative teamwork

Share your reports and analysis, including your smart 3D inspection data, with any colleagues, using only Excel.

Advanced Analyses at Your Fingertips

Extend the PolyWorks|Inspector dimensional analysis toolbox by interconnecting advanced analysis spreadsheets with inspection projects, inserting inspection results automatically and generating the meaningful assessments you need to take action.

Create reusable templates

Preformat custom Excel spreadsheets and create PolyWorks|ReportLoop user-defined formulas to program information-rich report templates.

Leverage the power of Excel

Harness Excel’s extensive mathematical and charting functionalities to transform your inspection results and create data summaries, graphics, powerful mathematical computations, and automated workflows.

Analyze your measurement systems

Simplify repeatability and Gauge R&R studies by using PolyWorks|Inspector’s built-in Measurement System Analysis toolbar to design, carry out, and publish results in elegant, content-rich Excel templates.

Download the free 
PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ add-in for Microsoft Excel




For PolyWorks|Inspector:

  • Microsoft 365 Desktop
  • Excel 2019, 2016

For PolyWorks|DataLoop:

  • Microsoft 365 Desktop, version 2101 or later
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps with Microsoft Edge (Chromium) or Google Chrome browsers
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