Quickly Inspect Bent Tubes and Rods


Custom bent tube and rod forms need to be measured to conform to the design callout from engineering drawings or tables. In addition, there is a need to document tubes and rods that have been created in the field, or highly modified for fit and function, as 3D models that can be imported into CAD software. Both the measurement and the CAD-creation operations can be realized easily using the free PolyWorks|Inspector™ macro, IMTube.

In just 15 minutes, you will learn how to:

  • Measure a bent tube using tactile probing or laser scanning
  • Compare measurements back to a nominal CAD model
  • Create X, Y, Z intersection points and Length, Radius, Angle values, then prepare report tables
  • Measure multiple pieces of the same tube
  • Create a CAD model of the measured tube to export to CAD software


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