Streamline and automate high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D inspections with Hexagon SLS scanners and PolyWorks|Inspector  


As manufacturing industries push for complete dimensional inspection of parts that are more and more complex in the shortest time possible, inspection stations that require the use of 3D measurement devices along with several software solutions for performing data acquisition, extracting measurements, and analyzing results are becoming bottlenecks to productivity.

Integrated hardware and software quality control solutions that combine structured light scanning (SLS) scanners for high-precision, high-speed data capture plus powerful inspection software optimized for large point clouds represent an optimized solution. The PolyWorks|Inspector™ software for multipiece dimensional analysis lets you directly operate the powerful and flexible SLS scanners from Hexagon and turntables for the fast and precise inspection of parts with complex geometries. 

In this 30-minute webinar, you will discover how to simplify part inspections and accelerate quality control tasks by: 

  • Quickly obtaining precise and repeatable measurements on small and medium-sized parts using Hexagon SLS scanners 
  • Automating data acquisition using turntables plus swivel and tilt units 
  • Using the PolyWorks|Inspector software solution to intuitively control Hexagon SLS scanners and analyze the conformity of parts from within a single interface 
  • Benefitting from the multipiece dimensional analysis capabilities offered by PolyWorks|Inspector, from efficiently managing large volumes of 3D measurement data to producing surface deviation color maps and feature-based dimensioning that includes Smart GD&T, virtual gauging, and statistical process control (SPC) results. 

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