InnovMetric and Local Business Partner Launch PolyWorks Polska to Expand Enterprise Solution Sales in Poland

InnovMetric Software Inc. and its business partner, Pawel Kosiarz, proudly announced today the launch of PolyWorks Polska to expand the sales of the PolyWorks® smart 3D metrology digital ecosystem in Poland. Pawel Kosiarz and his team have provided complete PolyWorks technical services in Poland since 2013 and contributed significantly to the growing popularity of this solution among Polish manufacturing enterprises. Today, 400 Polish customers rely on PolyWorks for their daily 3D measurement tasks.
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PolyWorks® V11.0.11 Sets New Standard in Hybrid Metrology Capabilities

InnovMetric Software Inc., the leading supplier of hybrid 3D metrology solutions for engineering and manufacturing, will demonstrate the latest intermediate release of PolyWorks V11 at EuroMold 2009, a trade fair held from December 2nd to December 5th in Frankfurt, Germany. 

InnovMetric Software and the NRC are awarded the 2009 Federal Partners in Technology Transfer Award

In July 2009, InnovMetric Software and the National Research Council of Canada were awarded the 2009 FPTT award for the successful development and transfer of 3D data analysis technologies that led to the commercialization of inspection methods based on three-dimensional measurements of real objects. 

InnovMetric Software celebrates its 15th anniversary

On July 4, 2009, InnovMetric Software, the company that develops and markets the PolyWorks® software suite, celebrated its 15 years of existence and successful business endeavors. Founded in Quebec City, Canada, in 1994 by Marc Soucy and Esther Bouliane, InnovMetric and its strategic partner Duwe-3d AG now count on a group of 100 employees located in 6 countries. In addition to the Quebec City headquarters, ...

TriMet to sell PolyWorks® software suite to its North American customers

InnovMetric Software Inc. and TriMet have recently signed an agreement for the distribution of the PolyWorks® universal 3D metrology software platform. Under this agreement, TriMet will distribute PolyWorks® bundled with the Metris and API systems. 

Official PolyWorks® V11 release now online

The most anticipated official release of PolyWorks, Version 11, has hit the market today and is now available for download from the InnovMetric Technical Support Zone. Since the launching of its pre-release version in February 2009, PolyWorks V11 has generated great excitement and very positive feedback from its user community worldwide, most notably for the many new tools and improvements.