InnovMetric Launches New Gauging Package for PolyWorks|Inspector™

The integrated solution to collect and manage digital gauge measurement data within the PolyWorks® Smart 3D Metrology Digital Ecosystem™
InnovMetric Software Inc., the global leader in smart 3D metrology software solutions, today announced the release of a new entry-level PolyWorks|Inspector™ Gauging package to help manufacturing organizations collect and manage digital gauge measurements within their PolyWorks® digital ecosystem.
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InnovMetric Software appoints Duwe-3d AG as its PolyWorks® Master Distributor in Turkey and Italy

InnovMetric is pleased to announce that its PolyWorks software support partner Duwe-3d AG is now offering local representation in Turkey and Italy. Duwe-3d AG will act as PolyWorks Master Distributor and will provide pre-sales localized assistance, PolyWorks trainings, as well as technical support to 3D portable metrology hardware partners and PolyWorks users in Turkey and Italy.

PolyWorks® Sales Increase by 33% in 3D Metrology Market and by 110% in Portable Probing Market in Fiscal Year 2010

InnovMetric Software is proud to announce that in fiscal year 2010 (ending March 31, 2011), its global sales revenue increased by 33% compared to the previous fiscal year. During the same period of time, several automotive OEMs in Europe and North America signed corporate agreements with InnovMetric and deployed PolyWorks across their organization to use it as a standard 3D metrology toolbox for product ...

PolyWorks|Talisman(TM) Brings a Measurement Session in the Palm of your Hand

A talisman is “an object considered to possess magical powers”. InnovMetric Software is pleased to announce that PolyWorks® V12 will offer a talisman of its own targeted at users of laser scanning and tactile probing devices who need to operate 3D metrology hardware away from their computers. The new PolyWorks/Talisman application running on iPod touch®, iPhone®, and iPad® mobile computing ...

PolyWorks® V12 Integrates the New DirectReplay(TM) Re-Measurement Technology into its Universal 3D Metrology Platform

InnovMetric Software is pleased to announce that the version 12 of PolyWorks incorporates the new DirectReplay technology that dramatically simplifies multi-piece inspection tasks performed with any point cloud digitizer or tactile probing device. Other metrology products traditionally offer teaching modes to automate a multi-piece inspection task. Teaching modes generally record user operations performed ...

InnovMetric Software Announces that Five Automotive OEMs Own More than 100 PolyWorks® Licenses Each

In September 2010, InnovMetric reached a significant milestone in the deployment of its universal 3D metrology software platform, PolyWorks, in the automotive industry. Five major Japanese, American, and German automotive OEMs now daily use more than 100 software licenses each. These key customers globally own more than 1250 licenses.