PolyWorks® 10.1 Offers Major Sheet Metal Workflow Enhancements

InnovMetric Software Inc. will release an intermediate version of PolyWorks, its universal metrology software platform, in November 2007. With PolyWorks 10.1, InnovMetric will significantly increase the productivity of its sheet metal customers. The workflows for specifying and using material thickness, creating and computing surface and boundary comparison points, creating reference points for alignment, laser-scanning sheet metal outer and inner boundaries, and probing sheet metal parts have been dramatically improved, resulting in greater operator efficiency and overall usability. 

From early on, the PolyWorks/Inspector point cloud engineering solution has been built to solve the tough problems of sheet metal inspection,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric Software. “We have learned to make engineering software from these customers. Now that InnovMetric’s focus has shifted towards optimizing PolyWorks usability, it is time to give back to our customers as much as we were given.” 

PolyWorks 10.1 also offers hundreds of major and minor improvements within the PolyWorks/Inspector, PolyWorks/Inspector Probing, and PolyWorks/Modeler packages. They include the following: 

  • The optional CATIA V5 and Pro/E CAD translators will now import feature definitions, dimensions, tolerances, and  GD&T from native CAD files.
  • A new curvature-sensitive smoothing method will be available when processing point clouds digitized by laser scanners and area-based digitizers.
  • Inspection reporting tools will have more flexibility with the introduction of new annotation positioning methods and intelligent snapshots that can restore the 3D scene for quick updates.
  • The list of probed points and compensation parameters will be editable after a feature has been probed.
  • For NURBS surfacing applications, a new curve network analysis tool that shows the nature and location of incorrect or inappropriate curve configurations will be offered.
  • A new tool for fitting N-sided trimmed NURBS surfaces on digitized models will be offered. 
  • PolyWorks/Modeler will offer enhanced curve-editing methods as well as new tools for filling holes in meshes and cutting holes in polygonal and NURBS models using planar curves.
  • Many redesigned dialog boxes will also be offered as part of InnovMetric's ongoing effort to optimize its user interface in terms of ease of use and number of mouse clicks.

PolyWorks 10.1 will be available for free to all customers with a valid support/maintenance contract.