PolyWorks® 2024 in the News

PolyWorks® 2024 in the News


Launch of PolyWorks 2024 at the PolyWorks Conference Live

Following the launch of PolyWorks 2024, Marc Soucy, Ph. D., President and co-founder of InnovMetric, spoke to industry media about how the PolyWorks enterprise solution helps manufacturers realize the full potential of their 3D measurement data. Such valuable data, captured at great cost, benefit from being exploited rather than filed away in a directory that is inaccessible to the rest of the company.

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In this interview, Marc Soucy reveals how the widespread sharing of 3D measurement data enriches product manufacturing quality. He also highlights the importance of the digital thread in ensuring universal access to a single, reliable source of information across a company’s departments. This breakthrough promises a transformative impact on quality control processes.



In this video interview, Marc Soucy explains how 3D metrology has evolved to become a cornerstone of operational efficiency that benefits manufacturing companies. PolyWorks, InnovMetric’s flagship software, was originally designed for measurement experts. Today, it has become a complete enterprise solution, integrating all stages of manufacturing and quality control via a digital thread.